Digital Minimalism, Redux

I would love to be able to say I have spent the last 10 months in focused zen, truly being away from the internet, and have come out the other side “enlightened”. That is not the case.

Life outside the algorithmic screens.

Last few months have been many things – stressful, fun, and funnily enough, yes, enlightening. ‘Digital Minimalism’, or simply an intentionality or purposefulness with the use of technology, as been a part of my life this year. Writing about it however, has not. As with any practice, there have been zeniths and nadirs. There has been weekends without any internet connectivity, and weekends full of Netflix and YouTube.

The end of year is always an introspective time. It was this time last year that the idea for this blog came to me. Truth be told, I do feel guilty about not sharing my experiences on here, with you all/three, after pledging to do so.

Redux / revive. One year battle-hardened against the distraction machine. This time, let’s share the journey.